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Ohio Tire & Automotive Association (OTAA)
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Welcome to Ohio Tire & Automotive Association

The Ohio Tire & Automotive Association is a statewide trade association representing the interests of Ohio tire and automotive dealers, their suppliers, and other members of Ohio's tire industry. The OTAA provides a forum for the discussion of important topics and issues facing the tire industry, as well as education and training opportunities for its member companies and their employees. The OTAA also provides for a host of membership services that can help members with the daily operation of their business while at the same time helping to support the association.

The OTAA was formed in 1967 to safeguard and advance the business interests of its members; to promote standards of ethics; to promote harmony, good will, and understanding among its members; to encourage an exchange of ideas, technical knowledge, and retailing and wholesaling procedures; to improve the quality and standards of the products of the tire and automotive industry; to promote cooperation between members in local, state, and national regulating bodies with problems affecting the tire and automotive industry; and to acquaint through advertising and other means the buying public with the true value of the tire and automotive dealer in the community.