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The Ohio Tire and Automotive Association-Supporting you in Ohio’s Statehouse and beyond

The Ohio Tire and Automotive Association is your voice at the Ohio Statehouse. Our highly skilled professionals have deep experience in government affairs. And as an association, we have fought for Ohio’s tire industry since 1967.

Our philosophy when it comes to government affairs is quite simple – ensure a positive business environment for Ohio’s tire and automotive dealers, their suppliers, and other members of the tire industry. Supporting this philosophy takes hard work, deep relationships and steadfast attention to local, state and national policy.

OTAA has successfully supported our members through a number of recent policy proposals, including passing legislation making tire dealers eligible for reimbursement for training of their incumbent workers (HB 429, 130th General Assembly), fighting back against burdensome regulation, and promoting pro-business initiatives in Ohio’s legislature.

In addition, OTAA maintains close relationships with local and county chambers of commerce to ensure local policies favor the tire and automotive industry.

All-in-all, the Ohio Tire and Automotive Association seeks to fulfill its goal of protecting the rights for our members at every level of government.